Let The Markott Realty Group Team work tirelessly and effectively to sell your home for the price you want and as quickly as possible.

We are so confident we can sell your house we put ‘SOLD’ in our phone number! Now can any real estate broker 100% guarantee the sale of your home, of course not! Anyone who claims they guarantee your house will sell is just not being truthful and is just looking for a quick listing. What we can 100% guarantee is that The Markott Realty Group Team will work tirelessly to market and sell your home for the right price. And we always ask to throw a little fun in there too. Why make this a stressful process?

Selling Long Island Real Estate

There are hundreds of real estate agents and brokers out there and you are on our website for a reason. You have trusted Kyle Markott for 20 years to protect your home from Fire & EMS emergencies, now trust him and The Markott Realty Group Team with the sale of your home.

Let us perform a FREE home evaluation for you.  Call us at 631-744-7653 or contact us online.